Bespoke Web Data Scraping Services

Want to build a client list? Use our web data scraping services.  We scrape public data and get it into a format that enables you to fulfil your business goals.  If it is online then we can scrape it.  We then provide it in a format that suits your business requirements.  Please get in touch to receive a quote.  Our rates start at €300 initial setup and with monthly maintenance fees of €100.  We also offer bespoke services that clients need once off, please get in touch for a quote on these.  Examples include:

  • Build a client list of architects in a particular region
  • Gather information on films from Rotten Tomatoes & IMDB and then graph their ratings versus gross income.
  • What were the top trends in music in 2014?
  • Want to know the top tweets for a particular hashtag?   For example how did #frozen trend over time?  What did the sentiment analysis say?  Was their spikes in positive tweets around the matinee showings?

These are only a few examples that we have done for a few clients.  We have decided to offer this service as our customers asked for it to help with their business development & the feedback has been enormously positive.  Email your business requirement to & we will get back promptly.