Blogging Best Practices

These are some insights and Blogging Best Practices are updated regularly as I find more that I have collected over the years of blogging and social media:

  • Write everything with Search Engine Optimisation in Mind.
  • Know your reader and write for that reader.
  • Use optimum Keywords and use our How to do Keyword Analysis to do this effectively.
  • Be consistent in posting.
  • Be on topic.
  • Add at least one image or video.
  • Have a catchy Headline.
  • Share your blog posts on social media platforms. ¬†Use our Guide to Optimising Sharing Content on Social Media Platforms.
  • Aim to have 300 words in each post however the proportion of shares versus the number of words is optimised at 100 according to analysis of 2 years of data, more about that in the post – How Many Words should my content have?

As always if you have any thoughts or want to discuss further then lets have a real conversation and get in touch on twitter @naoimigillis.