How is a website made?

  • At IVBN IT we start with pen, paper & all different colours & sizes of post-its. All designs are built from the ground up in this way with User Experience being the primary core objective.
  • Then we wireframe your site visually for your approval, so you can see what it will look like before it is made, this can take some time to get just right so this part is an time expensive process on both sides.
  • After agreement on design, we get to work on the code & the technicalities of the site building. We look at the SEO of the site needed. All of the content for the site needs to be provided by the end of the wireframe design.
  • If we are sourcing content then don’t worry we will look after this as we have an excellent content writer that we can contract to you. The project then starts from the wireframe agreement in a 1-4 week timeframe.
  • This can be extended if the price is needed to be spread by the client. The speed in no way diminishes quality, in fact it improves the quality due to the dogged focus.

How much does a website cost?

We follow the motto of the The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of a low price. Since we only do high quality design, our prices do reflect this motto.  You still want to know how much getting your business online will set you back. It is literally how long is a piece of string but we have detailed our Price List as we feel it is important to be as transparent as possible.

Will you partner with me?

After how much does it cost, the second biggest question we get here at IVBN IT is will you partner with me? There are 2 main reasons we are asked this very question: The main one is that the price of employing a developer is competitive & equity can be offered in exchange of time. Sometimes companies want a long term relationship. So simply answered NO we do not partner for the following reasons:

  • We do not want equity in your company, it is your company & its just not my baby, IVBN is and it will be a toddler soon. I am a born leader & even if it is only a small percentage I will influence anything I have a stake in.
  • We cannot take the risk that a partnership involves, 5% of the profits includes the vice versa, essentially 5% of the risk. We will not do this, it exposes IVBN too external risks that are out of our control.
  • If you are not willing to pay something for developer skills, then are you fully invested in the business? I have put everything I have into my business, so I just dont understand why you wouldn’t do the same for yours.
  • We require 75% up front.

Here is the compromise that we offer:

  • If it is a project that excites us then we will try get involved.
  • If we will learn something new & you are willing to be a guinea pig then lets do it.
  • If your timeline is flexible and is something we can do for fun then yes.

If all of the above we will give a significantly reduced rate.
We love doing regular work for companies, when the project is complete we will continue work for our daily rates, we will give you a working agreement, much like a partnership but without the risk on the developer side.
Our Daily Rates are benchmarked against industry standards.

Why we only do contract work?

There are a few reasons outlined below:

  • The number one reason is Diversity, we love working on different projects, learning new skills & are constantly growing.
  • We dont have offices, it reduces our overheads, saves commute time, the odd time we do hot desking but we work anywhere & everyway.
  • IT is a very fast moving market right now & we are going to be technical leaders in the IT arena. Our portfolio is ever expanding & skills list will forever be added to. This is no way dilutes quality of our products. Diversity is key for us. There is a clear vision each year for IVBN IT but nothing is set in stone and as great opportunities come up we will expand for sure.
  • We dont work 9-5, however we will meet with clients/companies as needed.
    Our standard working day is 8 hours & that is spread over the day.

The idea of 9-5 makes little sense to us, it is just a social norm. We only do the norms that make sense to our business. Sometimes clients need work done when sites are quietest(middle of the night), alot of developers work better in the evening. Microsoft Developers dont start work until 11am. It is just whatever makes sense for the client.