SEO Checklist

Search Engine Optimisation is an ever moving target constantly changing, before launching any site I run through this seo checklist, it is updated regularly:

  • Have you set up Google Analytics?
  • Have you set up Google Webmaster Tools?
  • Are all the images labelled with meaningful alt tags?
  • Have you used Screaming Frog to search for broken links
  • Have you made an XML sitemap?
  • Has your sitemap been loaded onto Google Webmaster Tools?
  • Have you used HTML Data Structured Markup in Google Webmaster Tools?
  • Have you found any errors like 404s using Xenu?
  • Have you keyworded accurately in every single page and post?
  • Does your website pass the google Mobile Test
  • Have you tested the website in different browsers:
    • Safari – usually a problem
    • Firefox
    • Chrome
  • Have you checked for duplicate content?
  • Have you made a robots.txt file?
  • Have you submitted robots.txt file to Google Webmaster tools?
  • Have you checked the speed of your site?
  • Have you linked all your social media?

As always if you have any thoughts or want to discuss further then lets have a real conversation and get in touch on twitter @naoimigillis.