Mobile First Web Design

Future friendly websites designed with mobile first & desktop secondary ~70% of web sites visited are on a mobile device & this will only increase. It is very important to remain current in this fast moving domain. We would recommend, at a minimum, a yearly update of a website to stay ahead of competitors.

E-commerce Solutions

If your customers are online then you should be too. They should be easily able to find you and to purchase products in a straight forward and simple fashion. We can create a shop using a content management system (CMS) & show you how to manage it yourself; training & documentation are readily available. We also offer a 90 day phone service after finishing your website if you have any queries.

SEO & Solutions

SEO is carried out both on (on-page optimisation) a website and off (off-page optimisation) a website. Ensuring your website has the best keywords in the correct places to ensure that search engines like Google & Bing can find your website. Some of the best practices include making & submitting sitemaps, removing 404 errors also known as orphan files, optimising backlinks both internal & external to the site.

Digital Marketing Solutions

We run digital marketing campaigns for clients who wish to increase the flow of traffic to their website & enhance their web presence. We will outline improvements you can make as a company and assess where and how your customers are best reached. Competitor assessment can be provided to highlight successful strategies you may wish to emulate in your own business.

Troubleshooting & Fixing Code

Sometimes things break & the online world of the web is no different. We are very good at logically troubleshooting computer code & programming. Each job requires case by case consideration & consequently it is difficult to provide a standardised quote. It could take 1 hour or it could take 100 hours. Until we start digging, we don’t know which one it is. We will make an initial assessment as to what your problem is and what is causing it and proceed from there, after explaining in plain English what we feel are the issues we have found.

MS Excel Spreadsheet & Solutions

Clunky spread-sheets take time to navigate, they take up unnecessary space on your computer and they put untold stress on your processor (CPU) slowing the performance down. We can take any spread-sheet & make it more efficient, write macros to streamline repetitive tasks, we can add formulas, apply lookups, concatenate. This can be done for any spread-sheet, be it a client list that needs broken down into correct fields, pivot data and test the integrity of the data.

Social Media Set-up & Training

We can set up all of your businesses social media. We assess where your customers are & determine the right channels for you to reach them through social media. We can apply this for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube. We then give them back to you, we don’t manage our clients social media accounts as we do not believe this is a best practice, social media, to us, it is about your customers connecting with you not with us. To make it easier for you to manage we can show you tools to schedule your updates & plan out a weekly calendar. Consistency is key.

Email Marketing

We use MailChimp for all our email marketing campaigns both in-house and on all campaigns. We would highly recommend setting up an account & giving it a go yourself. We can also set it up & run the campaign for you. All images need to be carefully photographed as many of the browsers do not allow images open; emails should still get the message across with no images at all. We run A/B Testing on all email campaigns & can provide monthly reports on open rates, the number of clicks. When we run A/B testing, we send the same email to 5% of your client base using a different subject line. We then analyse which one gets the highest open rates, then send to the remaining 90% of email database using this subject line.

User Experience Testing

What does a user think when they see your website? What is the websites main goal? Does your website sell anything? What is the checkout process like? Is the website intuitive? There are literally hundreds of questions you can ask when viewing your website. To improve the customer experience you have to think, what does the customer see and what do they want to see. It is likely they are not seeing the same as you, perspective is key. We would recommend this be done on a quarterly basis for all websites.

Data Analysis Services

Have you data that you don’t know what to do with? Did you download your Facebook data and now what? Do you have data for customer purchases for the past year but are thinking what next? That is where we can help, just pick up the phone & we can discuss your needs.

PPC & Google AdWords Campaign

We run “Pay Per Click” (PPC) campaigns & manage “Google AdWords” accounts for clients. This will increase the number of clicks you get to your website. We will make a very specific ad for you & ensure highest “Click Thru Rates” (CTR) based on best practices. For each ad there should be a clear goal that can be measured, examples of these can be: buy these earphones, sign up for our newsletter, download our free E-Book. Conversion rates are the number of times this happens, & usually ranges between 0.8%-2%.

Google Analytics Analysis

If you have a website, you need to have Google Analytics account that is managed regularly. Look at it as a tool to develop your business. You can see where your customers go on your website, where they leave your site, any issues they have in the checkout, which social media campaign they prefer the most, where your customers are coming from regionally, are they on a mobile device, which device, and it is endless. We can set it up & manage it weekly or monthly for you making recommendations & providing reports for your business.