Mobile Friendly Upgrade to an Existing Website

On the 21st April 2015 Google released a long awaited mobile friendly Google Update.  This update says if your site is not mobile friendly and responsive in nature then it is going to fall rapidly in ranking for any keyword.  So how do you know if your site is responsive or not?  You can use this mobile checker from Google to see if it is.  The importance of a mobile friendly site is that your  website responds to the size of the windows through which the site is read, this could be a tablet or any type of device.  If you resize your website and see a scroll bar appear along the bottom as you make the screen smaller like in the image below from IMDBs website.  Now IMDB have Mobile apps so there is a case for not needing a fully mobile design however this may need to change now that this update is in.  The scroll bar that appeared now is highlighted in a red box.

Not Responsive Website Design
Non-responsive website design

So how can we update to be Mobile Friendly?  There are a few options:

  • Add media queries to your website and change navigation to be mobile using fancy coding – Prices start from €500.
  • Implement a mobile Framework like Bootstrap – Prices start from €500.
  • Start over and do a whole new redesign.  – Prices start from €2000 for a bespoke website.

The prices include no changes to content anything else is a redesign and will be billed in addition.

Detailed prices are in the Price List.